Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Wishlist

I'm taking a break from the Florida travel posts to discuss some of the pretty things that are on my wishlist this month! Spring is taking it's time to arrive here, which is a bummer. I posted a picture of Chris and I on Instagram on our anniversary from 5 years ago. I was in a t-shirt and we were hiking, so clearly it should be warm by now. I don't know what is going on, but winter has gotta GO.'s what I'm currently lusting after:

You all saw the beautiful pink dress that Azazie sent me a few posts ago. they have tulle skirts and I am BEYOND excited about this. I always wanted tulle skirts in all kinds of different colors, but they are always hard to find. Now that Azazie has them, they are literally available in ALL the colors. Hooray!!! :D They are so pretty, too. I also love that they have three different lengths! I am loving the Sylvie style in Silver and Grape, in particular.

I am all about patterns, and this wishlist has a bunch of them. Who can resist a pretty floral dress like the ModCloth one with spring approaching? And it has bell sleeves. Perfection. Another pattern I love is stripes, particularly pink and white for the warm seasons. There's something so spring and summery about it, and I love the whole candy striper motif. Lindy Bop has an awesome one in their Audrey silhouette. They also have this beautiful polka dot print dress. I love when prints are only on part of the dress such as just the bodice or just the skirt. It gives it a different kind of sophisticated look.

Finally, I'm still on the hunt for rompers that are both fitted, long enough in the torso, and not too short in the back. The orange one from ASOS and the pink one from Boohoo are currently on my want list. I love how the ASOS one is flowy and would work for both summer and fall and I love the little cutout in the Boohoo one! Rompers are probably one of my favorite types of clothing items. I wish they weren't so hard to find for my body!


  1. Oh I love that black dress!! Alex

  2. The little black dress impress me a lot, what a timeless look!