Friday, March 6, 2015

Stepping Into Spring

If you are living somewhere that is winter right now and you are getting insanely sick of it, I have a suggestion for you. Go visit a greenhouse, preferably one that has flowers as well as plants. It will uplift your SOUL. Stepping into this greenhouse was like literally stepping into spring. It was actually humid! It must've been about 65-70 degrees and with the sun coming in, it felt like it was definitely spring. I couldn't stop smiling. It got me thinking that maybe there should be whole parks in giant greenhouses for people to enjoy when it's too cold out with benches and all!





Azazie contacted me asking if I would be interested in doing a product review and after browsing through their website and loving so many things, I decided to work with them. Although they are mainly for bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns, a lot of their dresses can easily be worn for a lot of other occasions such as holidays, birthdays, prom, or just a formal event.





What I loved about Azazie is the fact that basically every dress is available in almost any color you want. Ever shop for a dress and think "Ugh, I love that style, but I hate that color. I wish it was ::insert color here::" or "I love this color, but why does the dress have a weird cut out there?". This happens to me a lot and I was happy to see that on Azazie, you can find the style you want in the color you want. I might be shopping for my Christmas dress here this year because this red dress would be gorgeous for the holidays.





Another thing I love about Azazie's website is all the filters on the side. I love being able to narrow down searches by pretty much any detail I'd want such as price, length, silhouette, neckline, color, fabric, straps, and even sleeve length. It's very easy to use and very helpful, too!





The dress I decided on was the Mila Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Rose. I love a nice dusty pink, and I thought that the style and fabric of this dress would look so pretty in that color. I was right. The skirt has a lovely swish to it! The dress fit perfectly and was very comfortable. I ordered the dress in a standard size, but you can get any dress made custom to your measurements for free!





I knew I had to find somewhere springy for this dress, so I'm glad I went to the greenhouse. I couldn't take pictures of this outfit surrounded by snow. It just didn't seem right! I might have to revisit this place a couple more times before the real spring begins.



Dress: c/o Azazie//Jacket: Forever 21//Shoes: Urban Outfitters//Necklace: Handed down from my mom!
I paired the dress with a gold jacket and dark greyish silver heels, but I think I might wear it for Easter and pair it with some brighter colors and a floral crown! It can definitely be adaptable to all kinds of occasions and seasons, and that's another thing I love about it. It's a solid color, but it's got a little bit of girlish charm to it. Enough to stand alone, but not too much going on that you can't remix it a bunch of different ways. Versatility is always a plus! :)


  1. You look like a beautiful princess ballerina! I love that sparkly blazer too. Basically, this is perfect ♥

  2. That outfit it's so lovely, so romantic :) And yes, I also sugest to visit greenhouses or local stores that sell flowers, to start spring ahead :)

  3. You look so pretty, and what a beautiful color on you! I went to a conservatory last week, and you are absolutely right -- I felt instantly refreshed and joyful! I'm dying for spring to come.

    xox Sammi

  4. Look at how gorgeous you always are!!!! I love the setting!! Pretty dress and color on you!

  5. What a gorgeous spring dress! This color is great on you. I love the little sparkly jacket you paired with it too. I feel like this could be a great outfit to wear to a spring wedding.

    Jamie |