Saturday, October 31, 2015

But Who Lit The Black Flame Candle?

Happy Halloween!! Last weekend a bunch of us took an overnight trip to Salem, and it was so much fun. I don't even know where to begin, so I guess I'll start with the purchase of this dress.




I saw this dress on Hot Topic's website. I was looking for something Halloweeny and had this trip in mind, and when I saw it I instantly loved it. I loved the skeleton and bone print, and I loved the asymmetrical hem. It felt very witchy. I ordered it and when it finally came and I tried it on, it was SO comfy. I was really glad because I would be wearing it all day. I decided to pair it with what my mom used to refer to as my "Herman Munster" shoes. I have had these shoes since I was about 11, and it boggles my mind that they still fit.





On the first day, we got there around noon. We took some pictures really soon after getting there because we noticed these cool rows of trees. We did some shopping, got some lunch, and just walked around taking in everything. Salem is so full of energy and excitement during Halloween time, and it's always awesome. I was thinking about it, and I would definitely not mind living there for a bit. I would love to be around for the whole month of October to not have to deal with parking and to be able to do more of the stuff they have going on all month. There's so much that you miss out on when you can only go for a day or two.





For me, the highlight of the whole trip (and most of the reason why I wanted to go this particular weekend) was the Harry Potter party on that Saturday night. It was a Wizarding Ball, and it was SO much fun. Chris and I dressed up as Slytherins, but lots of people dressed up as actual characters too. There was one guy who was Voldemort, and he made the mask himself so it looked like he didn't have a nose. He really looked like him. I took a picture with him giving me the Dark Mark with his wand. It was awesome. He even had the long nails like Voldemort has.





They had specialty Harry Potter themed cocktails. Of course, they had Butterbeer. They also had a drink for each house as well as some other ones, but I had to go with the classic Butterbeer. It was really good. I might have to make it at home sometime. They also had some snacks and stuff too, but the best part about the party was that there was dancing. I'd like to see a picture  because I imagine how funny it must've looked to see a bunch of people dressed as Harry Potter characters do the Gangnam Style dance. I tried to get people to do the Thriller dance with me since I just recently learned it, but no one knew how. I left the party feeling like I was with my people. These people love Harry Potter as much as I do, and also love to dance and party. It was the best combo.




Another interesting and noteworthy thing that happened on Saturday was this standoff between two street "performers". I put that in quotes because one of the guys wasn't really performing so much as preaching about religion. There was a guy drumming on buckets and whatnot and everyone was crowded around him enjoying it and the other guy was just kinda ruining the performance by trying to talk over the drumming. The drummer ended up repeatedly yelling at the other guy and soon enough the cops got involved and just told them to separate. I felt bad for the drummer guy.





We also ran into the cutest puppy while we were walking around. He was a golden retriever puppy, and he was really cute. His name was Larry. It was hard to get pictures of him since he kept moving around, but we managed to get a few.






We visited the old cemetery that they have where a lot of the people from the Salem Witch Trials time were buried. I like looking at the old headstones and seeing the things they wrote on them. Is that weird of me? We also ate at New England Soup Factory, which has really good chili.




Dress: Hot Topic//Sweater: Take Out//Jacket: H&M//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Boots: Rave//Belt: Forever 21

That pretty much sums up the first day there. I'll share more about the second day in a later post! Have a fun and spooky All Hallows' Eve! :)


  1. Such awesome pics! And I wish I could visit Salem it must be so cool on halloween!