Sunday, December 13, 2015


If you're a librarian, you will probably understand the title of this post. If you're not, you may still if you are super familiar with the Dewey Decimal System. 002 is where books about books and libraries, etc. are cataloged! I felt it was appropriate for this post where I'm wearing a book dress at a bookstore.




When I saw this dress on ModCloth , I knew I had to have it. The day after it arrived I wore it to work and everyone at the library loved it. I love that not only is the print books, but there are actual titles on some of the books in the print such as Gone With The Wind and Little Women. The dress is also very comfortable and well-made, and the colors are so rich and gorgeous. I'm extremely happy with it, and it has quickly become one of my new favorites and go-to dresses!




This dress is from ModCloth's namesake label, and I'm pretty impressed with it. The only thing that was hard for me was trying to figure out what size to get. When looking at the size chart for their label, it looked like I was somewhere between a small and a medium. I didn't want a waist that's too tight, especially when it comes with a belt that can fix a slightly larger waist. I also didn't want the bust to be too baggy. I ended up sizing up from my usual small to the medium. I think I probably could've gone with the small, but the little bit of extra room makes the dress even more comfortable and like I said, the belt helps!



In addition to the book dress, I thought wearing my Harry Potter ring would add even more bookish nerdy goodness to my outfit. Can't say no to an excuse to wear anything Harry Potter-related!



I'm pretty sure I visit this used bookstore at least once a month. That's about as long as I can go before I get the itch to go again. I love perusing all the books and the stock is never the same as the last time you go. The kitties and free snacks and tea are pretty awesome, too. :) I only got one book this time. It was Pandemonium from the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. I already read the series and loved it, but I collect the books that I've read and it was in amazing condition, so I bought it. I still need the other two in the series.




So this couple saw Chris and I taking pictures and he had this puppy with him who was in training to be a service dog. He asked if I wanted a puppy in my pictures, and of course I said yes. Who would say no to that? He was so adorable!




Speaking of books... Chris told me that Stephen King wrote a few books under the name Richard Bachman to see if people would still like his books if they didn't have his name on them and if they didn't know it was him who wrote it. There's one of them that I really want to read called Rage, but it's unfortunately out of print so I have to hunt down a used copy, probably on the Interwebz. I guess there's a book that has four of the books written under Bachman all in one, so I might just get that one if it's easier to find.


Dress: ModCloth//Sweater: Take Out//Tights: Target//Shoes: G.H. Bass//Ring: Hot Topic/Lipstick: Colourpop
I just checked out Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey from the library and holy shit is this a massive book of geeky awesomeness. The thing is huge, heavy, and 531 pages long. It's an oversized coffee table type book, though it's a little heavy to be on a coffee table, I think. Anyway, it would probably take me months to read. I borrowed it just to see if it's something I might want to buy so that I can take my time reading it, and I think the answer is yes, I would definitely want to own a copy of this. It's awesome.


  1. I was a librarian once, but I forgot most of the Dewey categorization numbers' signification. I would like to be a librarian again. I adore your dress!

  2. You look beautiful! That dress is amazing!

    I've never been a huge Harry Potter fan, but ever since going to the Wizarding Workd of Harry Potter I think I finally got in with the "Potter-heads." There just something about going to Hogwarts... Anyway! I hope the new job is going well. <3

  3. Thi dress is such fun - and I love how you have shown it off! Kx

  4. I believe I would love to be a librarian :) It must be so cool to be near to books all the time :)

    Loved how you classified this outfit :P

  5. I'm gonna sew a dress & maybe a skirt of this fabric too. I'm curious how it turns out, hehe. Wonderful photos :)