Thursday, December 10, 2015


I know it's December, but we're heading back to October now. I already miss it and it always goes by too fast! I wish the fall would last as long as it feels the winter always does. I swear the winter is always like 5-6 months long and the other seasons we just get a glimpse of.





These pictures were taken on Halloween. I didn't really have plans during the day, but I still wanted to be festive and wear a little something. I had been waiting to wear this BOO necklace that I got from an Etsy shop called I'm Your Present. I love how big and graphic it is. I also decided to get a little witchy and threw on some spiderweb tights, a witch hat, and green lipstick. The lipstick is from Colourpop. The shade is called Bunny. I love the color, but I wish it was matte as opposed to pearlized.






So, it's early December and I'm already almost done with my Christmas shopping! I'm just waiting for it all to show up. For the most part, I do my shopping online unless I need to get a gift card or something that can be found anywhere like tights or something. I always try to plan what I'm getting everyone before Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend so that I can take advantage of as many deals as possible. What's hard is figuring out whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday is going to have the better deal. I think I mostly shopped the Black Friday deals. It's also not a bad time to shop for things you may need yourself... :)





One thing that I realized recently in regards to deals is that Target price matches their website. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I always do this at Urban Outfitters since I discovered that they do this a year or two ago. I don't know why I don't try with more stores. Target will price match their website and it's awesome. That's a good way to save on stuff if you don't want to either pay for shipping or wait for the thing to arrive.





I am sad to say that we won't be getting a tree this year, and it's 100% because of my kitten, lol. He would definitely destroy it and all the ornaments and it would be a disaster. I am not even putting presents out anywhere because he will ruin the wrapping. It's hard enough trying to wrap presents with him in the room. He attacks the wrapping paper and tissue paper, steals bows, and chews on things. This will be the first year that I don't go tree picking! It's ok, because I love my little fur monster.



Skirt: BooHoo//Top: Iz Byer//Sweater: Take Out//Necklace: I'm Your Present//Tights: Spirit Halloween//Lipstick: Colourpop//Belt: Forever 21//Shoes: Lifestride//Hat: Party City
This year went by incredibly fast, and I know that this month is going to fly by. I have something planned every weekend this entire month. It's going to be crazy and fun. December is like October except less outdoor adventuring and more indoor gatherings, which is always nice. I love Christmastime and I love getting to see everyone. I love Christmas music and dressing up fancy and wrapping presents. I think that no matter how old I get, I will always feel this certain way about Christmas. It will always hold some form of magic to me. I can't wait to pass it on to my own family someday.


  1. I'm so late! I haven't bought anything yet! You look such a gorgeous wicked witch, that was my costume this year on Halloween :D

  2. A cat destroying a tree... I never thought of that. Darn! I'm surprised our dog doesn't touch ours. At first he poked his nose at it wondering what it was, but as the years passed, he grew accustom to this strange lit tree being indoors for a month out of the year.

    You are the loveliest witch. You can brew me a potion anytime.
    (wow that was creepy, sorry not sorry)