Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick Pics

There's not too much to share this month. Things have been pretty mellow. One cool thing that did happen last night was a 90s themed party at a bar that I went to. I dressed as Britney Spears and my friend dressed up as Mia Wallace. Everyone else there pretty much just dressed in flannel. They clearly took the easy way out.

My friend and I didn't get to exchange Christmas presents last month, so we met up for dinner and wine at this cute wine bar and exchanged at the beginning of this month. I am not a big wine person, but I actually liked all the wines I chose! One was an autumny one, one was a pink blend, and one was a blush riesling. They were all good!


Speaking of of the presents that Chris had gotten me didn't arrive until this month since it was a custom thing from Etsy. When I opened it, I was very excited. It's perfect for reading by at night!


I used to love to watch the sunset at the beach and I hadn't done it in a long time. I had free time to myself a couple of weekends ago so I decided I would go sit in my car and read during the sunset. I was able to get this really pretty picture of it!


I got these cool new sunglasses from Hot Topic. I love the matte black and silver frames!


I've decided that I want to collect some of the Funko Pop figures. Not all of them, just the characters that are special to me. Chris started me off by surprising me with Mickey! I found a strategic place for him on my bookshelf...right near a Disney book!


Here is a newer picture of Poe. He loves to roll around and make funny faces and he also sleeps in all crazy ways. I love him so much even though he is a terror sometimes. When he was a kitten, he would attack and lunge at my dresses a lot (they are all hanging on two clothing racks in the open against a wall). He stopped doing that for a long time and I thought that he just grew out of it. Now he has started doing it again and it makes me want to scream with rage because he puts holes in dresses that cost a good amount of money and in delicate material such as tulle and mesh.


I literally don't know what to do about it. I don't have the closet space to put all my dresses away. I have sprayed the stuff that you use on furniture all around the dresses. I didn't want to spray it directly on the dresses in case it might ruin them somehow. We shall see how that goes. I really hate when something happens that is irreversible such as a dozen claw holes in a new tulle dress I haven't even worn yet. Any suggestions from fellow kitty parents are definitely welcome!


  1. Does he have scratch furniture? It helps :)
    And toys. And for example my cats they just to scratch my sofas.... when I leave the house I close the door to where the sofas are. :)

  2. That sounds like a really fun party! I would've loved to see your costume!

  3. I love the dark berry-coloured lipstick and your heart shaped sunnies. That sunset photo is gorgeous. Thats a real shame about your tabby attacking and clawing your beautiful dresses. It sounds like you'll have to get some of those tall folding smooth-surfaced dressing blinds to wall off the clothing racks from the rest of the room - like kitty child-proofing. The (non-catnip) toys and scratching post sound like good ideas too.

  4. Maybe put plastic around the dresses? Like trash bags or something- at least my cats hate the sound. That or a zip up wardrobe?

  5. Harry Potter Dealthy Hallows lamp?! Oh my gosh, that's the funnest custom gift ever! Props to him. :)

  6. Have several squirt bottles of water at the ready our new kittens had clawing issues, but giving them scratching posts and squirting them whenever they scratched something shouldn't broke them of the habit. Don't be afraid to squirt him really good, he'll learn.