Saturday, February 6, 2016

Matte Hearts & Marauders

I recently found these heart-shaped sunglasses at Hot Topic. I really like the frames, especially the fact that the top half is matte black. There's just something cool about matte black.




The Harry Potter Marauders Map dress is actually also from Hot Topic, though I got it a while ago. I wore it to the Wizarding World last year. I plan to pack it again this year because I can't resist how perfect it is. Speaking of Harry Potter, I recently signed up for Fandom of the Month Club, mostly because I noticed that the month that I signed up was a solely Harry Potter themed box. It came with such AWESOME THINGS. A pocket mirror that says "Have you seen this wizard?", a charm bracelet with all the horcruxes on it, Dark Mark earrings, and a magnet with Bellatrix's silhouette on it. I love it! I think this month's theme has something to do with classics or Alice In Wonderland. I honestly don't care for Alice In Wonderland so I'm not too excited about it if that's the whole theme, but classics in general would be cool.





The weather has been INSANE lately. It'll be in the 50s for 2-3 days then all of a sudden it's snowing and then it goes back up to the 40s and then 50s again. I can't believe it's been in the 50s in January and February. This is usually the worst time of the year. January actually went by really quickly and February is so short, so it'll just be springtime before we know it. Hooray!





We actually had a big snowstorm yesterday. I had to drive to work in it, which was unnerving, but I made it safely there and home. Everything looked really pretty, especially in the afternoon when the sun came out and the trees and whatnot were all sparkly and glistening. I had a teen program today at work where we made brownies, and it was a lot of fun. It was a good day to do some baking.


Dress & Sunglasses: Hot Topic//Sweater: Dress Barn//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Boots: Steve Madden//Belt: Forever 21//Lipstick: Colourpop
I can't believe I am only a month and a half away from my 6-month mark at my job! Once I hit 6 months, I get all my vacation, sick, and personal time and will be past my probation period. It seemed like it would be forever until that day would come, but it's gone by quickly. I have been absolutely loving it there. I love all my co-workers, and we always have fun and make each other laugh. They keep me sane sometimes, especially when we get strange/rude/odd people who make us feel bad or angry or creep us out. It's a great library and I love working there! :)


  1. You look so great on this outfit! Love the boots!

    And congrats for 6 month mark :)

  2. Nearly six month hoorah! HOORAH! I'm hoorah-ing for you. That's seriously awesome! Keep up the awesome work.

    And holy crap... that dress. You made me say the "crap" word because that dress is so outstandingly fabulous. My inner HP nerd is screaming, and I love how you paired it with those tights and boots. Ugh. I want this whole outfit! You're amazing.